Autumn and a New Venue

Marholm Meanderings by Bella Craven. 

On Thursday evening the 8th September the Society met in their new permanent location of St Andrews Reform Church in Ledbury Road, Netherton, Peterborough. This was the first full meeting since the three successful summer outside monthly visits. The meeting was well attended with a few visitors our new venue had attracted We also welcomed some new members.

Our speaker for the evening was Bella Craven a resident of the village of Marholm.

Maholm Village sign

Marholm is a small village, lying three miles west of Peterborough. The village has an ancient church dating back to the Norman period, a popular village pub and a village hall. 

The village has a vibrant active community, is run by a Parish Council and has a webpage but it has never produced any past famous residents or even notable incidents. 

The village Pub the Fitzwillian Arms commonly called The Green Man

Bella’s talk entitled ‘Marholm Meanderings’ kept us enthralled with her probe into the past to entertain us with a selection of mini-bios of the various miscreants and often violent miss-deeds from the past 300 hundred years of village residents. Alongside her talk, Bella showed images of various homes and farmhouses these people lived in.  

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