Spalding, a Brief Historical Tour

Spalding, Land of My Birth.

Thursday evening October 13th saw the meeting of the Local History Society comfortably installed for the second meeting in their new venue. Again we welcomed some new members to the society. The evening’s speaker was none other than our super efficient Secretary, Julie Nicholson. 

Her talk was entitled Spalding Land of my Birth. Spalding is a Market town situated on the River Welland, a few miles to the north of Peterborough over the Cambridgeshire border in The South Holland district of Lincolnshire. Although its beginnings were founded in the watery fenlands of the East of England during the Iron Age it became an important town, albeit not a big town, in the history of Britain. Situated as it is in surrounded by fertile farming land it became an area renowned for growing tulips and was the centre of the bulb industry in England.

Julie went on to talk about some important historical visits by royalty and other notable people throughout the town’s history, along with events that shaped the town, and historical landmark buildings and features. Her talk was illustrated by images of places in and around the town, collected and collated from various sources but mainly from her own vast postcard collection.

Our thanks go to Julie for an engaging, informative and enjoyable evening

Church Street and the Gamlyn Almshouses

River Welland Looking towards High Bridge with Upper Welland Terrace, a row of Edwardian terraces houses overlooking the river


Priory Road with the old Johnson Hospital on the left and St Peters Church on the right c. early  1900’s
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