2019 Christmas Social

The December Christmas Social meeting of the Society  fell on a cold wet, Thursday evening. It was followed a  hectic day with the flurry of the  Pre-Christmas sales and the all-important British Election Day. Attendance wasn’t as high as usual which was a little disappointing as the evening’s entertainment was a unique and quirky performance from Sean Moyes, the Banjo Man.

Sean Moyes the Banjo Man.

Sean, a local man from the Fens has been playing the banjo since he was 11 years old and has played in venues all over the world. His extensive repertoire was in-dispersed with  humorous anecdotes from this family and childhood as well as storied from his years of entertaining. As well as the Banjo, Sean has mastered the ukulele, mandolin, five-string banjo, plectrum banjo, guitar and uke-banjo. Now a  solo banjo act he sings plays the Ukulele-Banjo and Electric Banjoline and keeps the entertainment varied, up-tempo and entertaining.

Beginning with the old-time song’ When You’re Smiling’ he proceeded to entertain us with a mixed music genre of Jazz,  Country, Blue Grass, Classical, Christmas songs, Rock and Roll and a few sentimental oldies. His hand moving over the notes and string when playing the duet, Duelling Banjos,  alone, on his instrument, was mesmerising. 

Sean Moyesplaying Duelling Banjos.

After the excellent entertainment, we feasted on a tasty buffet provided as usual by the members, with the leftover food being sent to the City Soup Kitchen. 

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