AGM and Secret Peterborough

Thursday evening, November 11th was the 30th AGM of the Peterborough Local History Society. Held at our alternative venue, the St Andrew’s United Reformed Church in Netherton. The meeting was chaired by our Chairman Trevor Pearce supported by the Society secretary, Julie Nicholson and treasurer, Roger Dangerfield. The meeting went smoothly, with the retiring committee members being voted back.

The business part of the meeting over, Trevor announced that the next meeting, the Christmas social, would be held back at St Mark’s Church Hall in Boroughbury with buffet style refreshments provided by the members as usual. The evening’s entertainment will be provided by the Grantham Town Hand Bell Ringers.

The concluding half of the November meeting was a presentation and talk by our history researcher members, June and Vernon Bull. Entitled “Secret Peterborough” they proceeded to entertain us with items from their book of the same title but updated the book’s contents with tales of remarkable characters, who were famous during their lifetime, unusual events and tucked-away historical buildings, People such as Arthur Robertson, an Olympian who was a founder of Robertson’s sports shop in Cowgate and Jack Binns known as “The Marconi Man”. 

 Their book ‘’Secret Peterborough’ will appeal to all those with an interest in the history of this fascinating city and is still available from Waterstones, Amberley Books and Amazon.

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